Junk Mails 2

Junk Mails Admin strikes again today…..

Hi everyone,

Please be informed that today the air-conditioning contractor will be carrying out routine servicing to the air-con system on our floor for the month of October 2006.

They have indicated it will be done section by section without any disruption.

Thank you

If it is going to be done without disruption, then why do we need to be informed about it? And isn’t your email a disruption?


Someone took another car park pass without signing…..

Hi All,

Again someone has taken the car park pass 29 without booking in or signing in our record file.

Kindly return the pass to me.


Few hours later, another email came….

Hi again,

Card is returned and appreciate that the person emailed to me instead of just putting it back quietly


Why do we need to be informed about the car park pass being returned anyway?

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