Simple life

A colleague of ours was send to china for a week to train the outsource staff over there. He took so photos of them and showed us during meeting today. Finally we can put a face to the person behind the email and phone call. Didn’t know they are all so young and pretty until today. Perhaps I should be nicer to them when I email them next time. haha….

We got some insight about the place there. The city is still developing with quite a few MNC are setting up their branch there. Our colleague told us that the price of the houses there is rather cheap and we might want to consider buying it as an investment and rent the place out.

We’ve also learnt that their salary is roughly 1/6 of ours. But despite that, they can still live pretty luxury life because the cost of living there is rather cheap. He showed us photos where he had steamboat dinner. It cost roughly SGD50 for 6 people. Where can we find such price in Singapore?

I really envy them while looking at all the cheerful pictures. They may be earning lower than us, but their cost of living is also lower. Perhaps, the ratio is even lower than ours.

Sometimes, I wish I could just put aside this senseless chase for 5Cs and move to a developing country to enjoy a simple life.

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