Corner of Singapore

I was blog hopping when I bump into this blog.

Take a few minutes to read about her visit to a one-room HDB flat. That 2 hour changed her, and I guess that blog also change most of us.

Couldn’t forget what she wrote on the blog.

The bugs had spread from next door to a few flats on the 5th floor where Mr Y lived. You could see them flitting about on the wall, on the floor, among his clothes, even along the corridors. Nobody there could afford a professional pestbuster, and the town council wouldn’t do such favours anyway. So living with these parasites has become a fact of life. Residents living on the other floors talked about the 5th floor as if it was Purgatory and it didn’t seem an inappropriate description.

It is sad to see that the town council wouldn’t help the poor folks. How much could hiring the pestbuster it cost? $1000? Where is their MP? Didn’t they visit that block before? Or did the RC members censored that block to prevent the MP from visiting them?


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