Been working OT for the past four days. Staying back till at least 8pm every night. Damn those new requester who are super kiasu. Their requests are also urgent and die die must go in.

Tired of OT.


Was suppose to do a hotfix on friday. The fix requires a job to be put on hold. I was suppose to stay back until around 7pm to ensure that the hotfix finish before calling the operator to kick off the job.

But I’m so sick of staying back late that I did a work around solution. I split the hotfix into 2 parts. Did the part which requires to hold the job today. Tomorrow hotfix is for the part that doesn’t require to hold the job. Gone thru all the trouble to ensure that I can go off early tomorrow.

Hope nothing cocks up and hold me back.


M ask T if both of us are angry with him for not telling us that he has been converted from contract staff to perm staff.

Actually, we already know that long long time ago. It is suppose to be confidential information, but then, you know that such thing can’t be kept under wrap for long. Just don’t understand why is there a need to hide in the first place. Anyway, its his choice…. if he want to keep it a secret, so be it. Why should we be so bothered if he don’t want to tell us about something confidential?

Likewise, if you don’t share confidential info, don’t expect us to do so.


Still don’t understand why some people get so angry when people mention their skin colour or place of birth. You are born this way. What is wrong?

I am a Chinese. If someone say I’m yellow, I wouldn’t be angry. That is my skin colour. Although I still feel chinese look more white than yellow…. well whatever.

Call me Singaporean or yellow. That me.


The whole team is still discussing about the photos that my colleague took in China. All of them commented that Y is the most beautiful. But seriously, I don’t think so. Still think that S look better. 🙂

They asking me to chase the gals there. Hahaha…. I have difficulties chasing gals around me, now you all asking me to chase someone who is thousand miles away?


Why is it that whenever someone come back from china, they are bound to buy those weird looking foodstuff in vacuum pack? My colleague bought some Tuofu in vacuum pack and distribute to everyone. I got 3 on my table. Still haven’t gathered the courage to open it.

Anyone want Tuofu in vacuum pack?


Gina send me an invite to love happens. Interesting concept, too bad need to pay for the full features.

Been spending my time flipping thru thousand pictures of gals, clicking ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’ button. It was fun.


Going to have a meeting at HQ early tomorrow morning. Going to HQ straight from home. Love to go HQ for early morning meeting. Just to be with the rush hour crowd once in a while .

Oh, and the breakfast there is great. 😀

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