Add a 'K' behind

Something big is coming at the work front soon.

I mentioned that I’m going to HQ in the morning for meeting. It is just an initial requirement gathering meeting. The requirements are rather simple and actually, there isn’t really a need for such a meeting. But my sub teamlead ask me to attend in case there are any additional requirements. (Which I’m sure there wouldn’t be)

The requirements are simple, just that the number of products and customers affected is huge. Very huge….. So huge that all figures we talk about have a ‘K’ behind.

So much so that to 1 point, we just omit the “K” behind. So when someone say 280, we would automatically know that he is actually refering to 280K. (280,000)

Didn’t give the requester the exact number of mandays required for this request. I don’t want to under-estimate or over-estimate. So I told them I’ll bring back the requirement to study before giving them the estimate.

Lucky me.

If I were to ya-ya give them an estimate on the spot, it will most likely be way off the mark. The request seem simple on the outside. But that is just the tip of the ice berg. The difficult part is the numbers of customer affected and how to coordinate the whole change without affecting the entire business operation. That is no simple task. And also, the number of codes that need to be added into the system is huge. VERY HUGE. We are estimating 350 rows of SQL insert statements. (With a ‘K’ behind)

Assuming it take 0.2 seconds to run 1 row SQL take 0.2 seconds to run, it would take roughly 20hours to complete the whole operation! How the heck am I going to find 20hour time frame to do the patch?

My teamlead concluded that this is going to be classified as a major change request. If that is really the case, we will need to write a feasible study report, conduct a walkthru with requester, users, developers and testers. This is going to be something big.

Something tells me that this will be the first major request that I’m going to be incharge ALONE….. Wish me luck. 🙂


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