So what if you found an error?

Was packing my bag and about to leave office. I made a point to leave on time today as I’ve been working till rather late for the past few days. Just when I was about to put my PDA into my backpack, my sub teamlead came over and told me that a tester couldn’t find a code we did in the testing environment.

That code was a rather new one. It was created in a hurry cause they need the codes tomorrow. It was the reason why I’ve been leaving office so late for the past few days.

It is already 5:45pm. We knock off at at 5:30 on Friday. I was kinda shocked. Shouldn’t they had done the testing today morning? I didn’t hear anything from them and I assume that no news means good news. But appearantly, they only started testing at 5plus.

This thing is going to be active tomorrow. We did our testing already and it pass. The testers are suppose to be the 2nd level of check. Even so, shouldn’t the testing start a little earlier? Like today morning?

So I have to check what went wrong. Why can’t they see the codes in the screen. It was fustrating. What the heck are they doing? Why did they start the testing so late? And why now still got problem?

Well, we discovered that they are using another testing server and it seems that the codes are not copied over to that server. I was pissed off. Why in the first place are you all using another testing server? Why did you all start the testing so late? And why didn’t you all inform us about the testing?

So my sub teamlead ask me to pass him the codes so that he can send them to the testers for them to move add to the testing server.

I ask him “What for?”

So what if they really found an error? Who is there to fix it? Who is there to promote the corrected code to the production server? Who is there to approve the promoting of new codes to the production server? MOST PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY LEFT THE FUCKING OFFICE!!!! So what if you found an error in the code? What can you do about it?

Test so late, might as well don’t test. If got error, I can still savage on Monday lor. Don’t waste my time. I’m leaving office early today!


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