Sinking of Japan

Went to watch Sinking of Japan at Vivo City last night.

The GV at Vivo City was great. Look more like a airport than a movie theater to me. The seats are great too, except that they are abit too straight for my liking. The leg space so huge that you can have a person walk infront of you without knocking ur legs.

Anyway, the movie is quite alright. Normal movie I would say. At 1 point, it look as if we are watching discovery channel and not a movie.

**Spoiler ahead**

I strongly feel that the leading actor is a gay. Why?

At 1 point, the leading actor went to find the leading actress who is a rescue worker. He is about to go on a suicide mission to save Japan. But he didn’t told her. He told her that he had a plane ticket to UK and wish that she would come along.

She wanted to stay back and help the rest, but promise to join him when she is done. They both expressed their love for each other and they kiss and they hugged.

Then they went into a tent where they had more hugging. The gal told the guy “Make love to me.” BUT THE GUY DIDN’T want!!! She just slept on his lap the whole night.

It is almost end of the world for Japan. He is going on a suicide mission the next day. They are alone in a tent. She is the most beautiful girl in the entire movie. He love her and she also expressed her love to him few moment ago. She ask him to make love with her.


Tell me, if he is not a gay, then what the heck is he?!?!


  1. Makin’ love there and then is so predictably unromantic.

    If they both really make love, it means both feel that they’ve lost hope that their country won’t be saved.

    It’s to keep the hope alive…
    How more romantic can it gets?

    u not very romantic hor?


  2. Urgh. That’s sooo not right.
    Dun care whether he’s hot blooded or not. Ultimately, females can be quite hot blooded and have needs as well.

    But sex is just one of the means of expressing love.

    I figured that just laying on the lap the whole night is also one means of sharing this love.


  3. oh yea, you definitely got it right lady!

    What I am saying is that romanticism does not necessarily mean making love too.. It can be little things like sharing the evening together.. I think its like what you said.

    DK here is just wondering which hot blooded normal does not want to make love to a beautiful woman when she already asked for it and he cannot understand why the guy did not want it.

    Thats why I said he did not understand the guy.

    In any case, I never watch the show bu I would think that sex might just spoil the romantic mood..

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