Monopoly Marketing?

I’m no economic or marketing student. But there is something that I still cannot figure out.

Why is there a need to have a marketing campaign to promote your services when you have the entire monopoly?

I’m refering to the recent “Ride SMRT Go Places” contest.

Companies do promotions like lucky draw to attract more customers to use their service. Most of the time, they are trying to capture their competitiors’ market share.

But why is there a need to have a lucky draw to promote your service when you have the entire Monopoly? Customers have no choice but to use your service. So who are you trying to attract with your lucky draw? Why are you wasting money on useless marketing campaign?

FYI: This poster is found inside a MRT station. Obviously they are not targeting car owners who will not have the chance to step into the MRT station.

And 1 more thing….. If you got the money to have this stupid lucky draw, then why did we have a fare hike last month?


  1. so that they have more reasons n excuses to say that they are not making enough money fr the commuters. in this way it will help to justofy their reasons for a fare hike again…

  2. its a habit that occurs when you’re grossly rich (i suppose those fare hikes worked). bastards. i should start cheating on my fares like all the other damn commuters.

  3. Government wants to encourage people to use public transportation, so you can view those who have access to private transportation, as the “competition”.

  4. Personally I haven’t come across these poster, thus no idea who the promo campaign works. But as a Advertising and Promotions personnel, I would say most companies when they run promo campaign, they would put up posters and all POS materials within the mall or within the MRT station in this case to raise the awareness of the campaign.

    In this case, I dun think their target audiences are car owners but rather the mass who take public transports.

    With all this messages banging onto their target audience, hopefully, customers can consider to take the MRT over the bus or cabs shld an option be available.

    But I do agree with you on spending OUR monies onto the lucky draw instead of lowering the fares.

    damn this pple!

  5. Think it’s SMRT’s initiative to entice commuters to use it’s services… Business and monopoly aside, guess this is part of their marketing campaign.
    But, for ordinary ppl like nyself who frequents the public transport, this is a gd launch… at least I stand a chance to win something… although the likelihood of it is slim (will declare on my blog if I’m a winner though!)
    Nonetheless, the poster looks good though the Aussie-version kinda reminds me of last year’s ZoukOut poster! haha!

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