Knowledge Transfer

Handed over that thing that I excel in to my colleague today. Another colleague from another team tagged along because he just took over that profile from his teammate.

I guess I’m not good at teaching people stuff. Its easy to teach the process. But how do you teach people how to handle ad hoc stuff like errors? Those things are based on experience and a bit hard to transfer the knowledge of how to handle those weird situation.

And they keep bombing me with questions until I missed out one important portion. Luckily I remember that I didn’t touch on that portion, else they would had made a mistake in the future.

I still feel that the best way for someone to learn something is by hands on. Perhaps it would be easier for me to guide them when they start doing the task.

It was tiring teaching people…. Why can’t we just have a USB port on our head where we can plug and transfer data over to another person?


  1. Hmm, i actually just started to bum into ur blog recently n it just caught my attention πŸ™‚

    Anyway, teaching ppl is a pretty hard process that i agreed with you. I, myself am not good in teaching, i must admit. Sometimes, somehow, something, you just have to experience it to get it on hand instead of just knowledge wise.

    yupe, its pretty tiring and worst if the one that u are teaching doesnt have any idea what u are talking bout and can’t seems to get what it is. It makes you more frustrated.

    But overall, i believe you will be fine :)Just keep up the good work..

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