Admitting mistakes

Made an error in 1 of the request I did last week.
I was careless. Or rather, I didn’t analyze the requirements enough. If I were to study the requirement better, I wouldn’t had made that error.

Luckily, the impact was very small. Everything can be resolved before it reaches the customer. I was lucky.

Raised a urgent hotfix to change the code. As usual, hotfix requires the approval of my director. When she was the email requesting her approval for hotfix, she replied asking how did this happen.

It took me quite some time to draft the email explaining to her what happen. Basically, I was trying to explain what went wrong in a nice way so that it would look as if I’m not at fault. It was hard to write such email. It is already the fact that the error is a result of my mistake. How can I push away the blame?

Finally, I decided to heck care and just write in plan saying “I’ve made a mistake by…….”

It was hard to bring oneself to admit his/her mistakes. Feeling very shitty. But I’m glad I did.

Sometimes, you just got to face your own error yourself.


Today was indeed a bad day at work. Another issue cock up. This time, its not my fault. We have this request that was suppose to be promoted to the production server last weekend. It requires effort from 3 teams. Both my team and another team put our codes into the production server. But another team didn’t put their codes in, thus causing error.

At first, my sub teamlead thought I didn’t inform that team. But I did, and I produce the email that I send to them. My sub teamlead forward that email to them and ask them to explain why they didn’t promote their code last weekend.

The guy in charge didn’t answer the question. Instead, he said that their code is already in their testing server. And the tester didn’t conduct any testing on their codes.

What does the tester not testing your codes got to do with you not promoting your codes? Isn’t it your responsibility to inform the testers that they forgot to test your codes? So the tester didn’t test your codes, and you just stood there silently?

Clearly he forgotten that the codes are suppose to be promoted last weekend. But he just simply refuse to admit the error.

How do some people manage to deny their mistakes when its so freaking obvious that they made an error?


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