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Today is sort of the 1st day I’m officially doing my duty as a LAN Admin.

Wasn’t very familar with the backup process. I knew I missed out 1 step. But I couldn’t find the place to do that function. Tried asking my another colleague who also took over LAN Admin job recently. He also cannot remember how to do that step. So we skipped that step. Didn’t want to bother the other colleague who is on leave. Anyway, its not a life and death matter. Doesn’t really matter if we didn’t backup for 1 day.

Got to check out the process again tomorrow when my colleague returns from leave.


As I was in the server room doing backup, my colleague told me that there is some problems with the network. Some of the workstation were disconnected from the network. As such problems are usually resolved by HQ side, I didn’t really bother much. When colleagues come tell me their workstation got problem, I just told them to call the helpdesk and the HQ side will take over.

Then the HQ guy called to check if there is any power failure. Went to check and found that everything is alright. But the HQ side couldn’t remote access our network. Did some troubleshooting, but all didn’t work. As a result, they decided to send the vendor down.

It took 30mins for the vendor to come down. It was almost knock off timing already. Those who cannot use their PC are already packing up. The vendor and the guy from HQ did some checking. The guy from HQ said that our office’s network switch is the latest and the most kiasu design. We have a few backup features. The chances of it to go down completely is rather low. BUT well…. you know murphy law lah. Anything can happen.

They took quite some time before finally managed to bring the network up again. But they couldn’t find the reason why it went down. Appearantly, few other offices also encountered similar problem at almost the same time. They are still investigating the cause. The good thing is, I’ve learnt a few troubleshooting tricks from them. At least I didn’t go back empty handed.


  1. Hey congratulations on your new position. I know a major company here has this graduate program where they rotate you in the following areas: Client/Server, Mainframe and Web. After the rotation, you can let the company know which area you like and they will offer you placement. So I think it is great that your company assigned you a new area. Most people would be happy to be in your position. It is always good to learn something new. πŸ™‚

  2. This is actually not a full time profile. Its just “On top of my daily job” task. Like my boss say, its “ECA”

    And I don’t get to go too detail into the network and stuff. Just doing simple basic adminstration like backup and simple troubleshooting. If got serious problem like yesterday, it will still be the HQ side that come fix the problem.

    But its good exposure…. πŸ™‚

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