USD Fixed Deposit


After monitoring the USD exchange rates for about 2 weeks, I finally placed a USD fixed deposit.

It wasn’t an easy choice. The USD went slightly up for the last few weeks before going down again lately. Today’s exchange rate is at 1.563. It could be due to the democrats winning the elections. I don’t know. I’m a analyst programmer, not market analsyt. I also don’t know if the USD will go down further for the next few days. But I feel that 1.563 is ok.

It wasn’t easy to get enough money too.

It has been a long time since I have so little money in my savings account. I figured that I won’t be needing a lot of money between now till my bonus in March next year. So I guess it should be alright to keep little money with me. Besides, what could happen that need me fork out large some of money? I got insurance that will cover me if I fall sick and go hospital. I don’t see any reason why I would need a large sum of money lately. So it should be quite safe.

And if really I need a large sum of money urgently, I could sell alway all my China India Funds. The China India funds has been doing very well lately. I’m making almost 65% profits. Which is quite a huge percentage. If only I had more money then, I would had bought more funds.

Not sure for how long will I keep this USD Fixed Deposit. Maybe 6 month or 1 year. After that, maybe I’ll go into REITs. Need to study the market first.

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  1. actually, it’s good to save some money while you r still young.. no matter for how long..
    “save for the rainy day” 🙂
    I guess you wont regret it..

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