If only we have USB port on our head

Day 2 of my leave. Still didn’t managed to study much. But it was better than yesterday where I rot the whole day away.

Went to my school’s library. Simply can’t study at home with the TV, bed and computer around. At least at the library, there is nothing much you can do except study.

The problem is, the lecture notes just doesn’t go into my head. Can’t seem to remember the stuff. Argh. Things are not going too good. I’m 4 days away from my exam. If there is a panic button on me, this is the time to press it now.

So I lost the battle against the books again today. If only we have a USB port on our head where we could simply transfer data in via USB cable. That would be nice. Ok, maybe head is not a nice place to have a USB port. Maybe at the back of the nick like what they did in Matrix.

Score after day 2
Books 2 – 0 DK


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