Don’t let me see my lecturer again

Yesterday’s exam was horrible. I walk out the examination hall feeling that I’ve flunk the paper.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t blame others, but there is just 1 thing that I’m angry about.

We have 2 revision sessions with our tutor who is also our lecturer. During both session, he spend large amount of time on 2 topics. So naturally, everyone would expect that 2 topic to be quite important. I spend large amount of my revision time on those 2 topic. Wanted to score full marks for all questions related to them.

But to my horror, that 2 topics didn’t appear on the exam paper. None at all. Not even 1 mark question.

WTF…. We wasted so much time during the 2 revision lesson on this 2 topic. Yet not a single question from those 2 topics came out. And you rush thru the remaining topics because you spend too much time on those 2 topics. And the remaining topic came out for the exam.

Luckily you already left the examination hall when I submitted my paper. Else I swear I would stab you with my pen. Argh. Don’t let me see you again.

(PS: DK… stop blaming others….. admit it, you didn’t revise enough)

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  1. Hmm, luckily the lecturer knows where to hide 🙂 Anyway, as long as the result havent out yet, you will never noe whats your score.. Sometimes, it may not be what you think.. Im sure you did your best, and all the best to you..

    p/s: I can see that you must be pretty frustrated during the exam and pretty stress as well..

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