Come walk with me

My hush puppies shoes that I brought last Nov is in a mess.

I don’t know if it is because I walk too much or the shoe is not good. The sole’s back is flatten, the front has a crack. Bascially, water can slip thru if I walk on a puddle of water.

Anyway, I got a new pair of shoes from bettlebug. Nice? The sole is abit thicker than my previous shoe. That makes me look slightly taller. Haha…. I’m already very tall already.

Maybe I should send my Hush Puppies for repair. The leather is still in good condition. Just the sole cannot make it only.

Hope the new bettlebug can walk longer distance with me. And will you STOP bitting my legs?

PS: Don’t tell me that stupid folks story of bitting the new shoes so that it won’t bite you. I don’t believe in it. If you do, I’ll be glad to pass that shoe to you so that you can bite it. 😛


  1. Nice new shoes!!!

    Anyway, I don’t recommend repair. To replace the whole sole, they charge about $40 bucks!!! I think topping up another 40 will give you a new pair! So just dump them!

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