I'm Sick

Not mentally sick lah.

Had a bad flu yesterday. My nose was running so much that it became tired.

Went to see a doctor last night. Still remember the last time I came was in July. Its not the doctor I seen in July. Think he is on leave or something. Anyway, this doctor not bad. He is quite friendly and chatted a lot. I think he over reacted. Its just a flu, but he check my throat, my breathing and even my blood pressure. This is the first time a doctor took my blood pressure when I got a flu. Usually they just check my throat and breathing.

He ask if I slept well lately. I guess he can tell that I didn’t sleep well lately by looking at my dark eye rings.

Then he gave me 2 days of MC! Thursday and Friday. Seriously, I don’t remember when was the last time I got more than 1 days of MC. Usually I only get 1 day MC. I even got 1/2 day MC once when I left work during lunch time to see doctor.

Its good to be at home. Resting.
Anyway, the flu is gone. Now left blocked nose.

Its good to be on such a long medical leave. Can use this time to rest and reorganise my life.

Come to think of it, in the past, I wouldn’t go see the doctor for such small illness. Is it because I’m sick of work already? Maybe….


  1. sigh~ ever since i joined this co. i dun rem resting @ hm when i’m on mc. Most of the time, i’ll still be @ work even when doc gave me mc….

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