1 of the worst sign ever

This is perhaps 1 of the worst sign I’ve ever seen.

This sign can be found at all the SMRT’s escalator.
Since its at the escalator, the sign should be clear enough for you to understand without reading the wordings right? After all, you will be passing by the sign real fast. Where got time to read the wordings?

Can you guess what exactly is this sign trying to say without reading the wordings?
“Hold on to the railing”? Nah….

PS: It is actually trying to say “Please stand to the left”.


  1. Reika: I seriously cannot tell that they are trying to say “Keep left unless overtaking” from the sign. That is unless you look carefully at the sign and notice the person on the right side is “walking” up the stairs….

    But why circle the hands? Shouldn’t they circle the legs instead?

  2. Brennan: They didn’t put a cross on the 1 man. I guess they are saying both 3 man and 1 man holding the railing is correct. Others maybe wrong. Hahaha

  3. At first instance, I thought the sign is asking us to hold our hands on the railing (just in case you may slip and fall?!!) XD

  4. One thing is for certain, with so many interpretations here, its not tough to see that the sign is a lousy one.

    If its a good one, then everyone would have came to the same conclusion.

  5. Yes that’s a lousy sign! (But funnily enough, I have never seen it before!) Why the heck do they circle the hands in red? It only draws attention to the hands on the railings and it doesn’t make sense.

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