If only we could make fun of our leaders and their policies

Sometimes, I really wish our TV could make fun of our leaders and their policies. Just like what they did in David Letterman’s Late Night Show.

I love David Letterman. His jokes are great. Too bad we don’t see the late night show in Singapore. Seriously, this is the kind of comedy that is worth watching. Not those stupid people dress up in ugly suit and make fun of themselves by looking like complete idiots. You know what I’m refering to right?

If only our TV could make fun of our leaders. It would be more interesting to watch than the stupid comedy we had now. What is so funny about people wearing thich glasses and buck teeth?

Sometimes, we really need those humor to let us forget about the bitter medicine we are about to take. We can debate or sign online petition about the stupid 7% GST hike, but let face it. No matter what we say, it will still carry on. So why bother complaining?

Instead, why not just make a joke out of it?


  1. Well, the idea is not merely for humor. Don’t you sometimes feel helpless over the policies they make? Its like even if the whole Singapore is against it, the policy will still go on.

    Since we can’t do anything about it, why not just make fun out of it? Just like mrbrown.

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