Top ten reason why we need the GST hike


Ok, I admit I’ve been watching too much David Letterman on youtube today.

Since the 7% GST hike is still the talking point, maybe I’ll just do a top ten for the GST hike. If the feedback is good, maybe I’ll do more of such top ten list next time.

Top ten reason why we need the GST hike
10. Chee’s meal allowance in Changi.
9. That where your progressive package come from.
8. So that when we decided to increase to 10% in the future, it would be just a mere 3% increase.
7. To get eveyone listen to that boring Budget Speech.
6. It is a trend to increase the GST after the election.
5. SBS and SMRT did that all the time.
4. Tax the poor to help the poor. Didn’t you learn that in economics lesson?
3. 2 percent increase is peanuts.
2. Need to pay the hip hop dancing P65.

And the number one reason why we need the GST hike……

1. You mean you didn’t see it coming when you voted for me?


  1. Ah… We are getting hikes everywhere these days. I’m quite pissed about it, and even more so when the gahment “justifies” it by saying we still have low tax rates compared to the US and countries in Europe.

  2. Oh and you forgot to add: So that ministers get their pay increases, despite already earning some of the highest salaries in the world.

  3. Veron: no point getting pissed off by these. Nothing going to help. Just suck thumb ba.

    Anon: They getting another pay increase? Wah piang.

  4. LOL!!!! DK, you’re so funny!!!

    But one thing I can’t quite figure out. Thought this Chee fellow gets high on hunger strikes. So he probably doesn’t need meal allowances.

  5. Jerl: Cannot lah. In changi must eat. Even if he go hunger strike, they also will force food down his throat. Else wait people say we ill treat him, don’t give him food. 😛

  6. 1 more- in case they need funds to build ‘old people island’ when they need to ship the old folks out in the not-far future.

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