Palm TX to meeting


Was dragged to attend a last minute meeting at another office. The meeting is expected to end at 6pm. As I will not be returning to my office after the meeting, I was abit lazy to bring my writting material along. Instead, I just use my Palm TX to take down all the notes.

I bet I look very funny at the meeting today. Imagine everyone with either a writting materials or a laptop and I’m having a tiny PDA. But hey, my TX can do just about everything.

I jot down notes using note pad.
I check schedule on my calendar.
I note down action item on my to do task.

Sometimes I wonder why did I still bother to bring writting materials to meeting.


  1. Er… maybe because we can’t writes as fast using Palm as compared to writing materials? Also, bigger surface area to doodle on paper than Palm when the meeting gets boring.

  2. I usually use notepad instead of textpad. Textpad will be slower. Notepad should be just as fast as writing material.

    Yeap, the surface area is slightly smaller.

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