99 days left….

Finally left 2 digits to the end of my contract.

It comes the time for me to decide, yet again, if I should renew my contract this coming March.

Then I relook at the things that made me stayed last year.

Bonus & Increment
No doubt, last year’s bonus and increment was good. So good that I forgotten that I’m suppose to bargain for a better contract. So good that I actually sign the new contract in less than 5 minutes. It was too easy for the HR manager.

But here is the problem. When you have a high bonus and increment last year, you would expect a bigger one this year. I seriously doubt they will give me anything better than last year. The best they could do is match what they gave me last year. And the greedy me say its not enough.

Career Improvement
I still remember my boss telling me that he might assign me to do a project. It was an interesting project. But the project never came to me. Instead, it went to another guy. Well, that is one year ago.

Job prospect look good lately. Couple of challenging new profiles are being assigned to me. Boss said that he might need to send me for another course so that I might need in the new task. But the thing is, are these new experience useful for me? Are they detailed enough or just skin deep?

Team manpower
The last time I renewed my contract, one of my colleague is pregnant and another is going for a leg operation. One of the reason that I stayed is because the team is going to be short handed without the 2 of them. It would be worst if I leave.

But there is no manpower issue now. Both of them are back. Although some colleagues resigned lately, we also have new members being transfered from other team. We are also beginning to outsource some of our stuff to China lately.

Actually, the main reason why I renewed my contract last time was because of someone.
But now that she is no longer here, I don’t see the point of me staying anymore.

In the past, if someone ask me what is the proability that I’ll be renewing, my answer will be 50%.

Now, the chances of me staying is 20%. Maybe less….

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