Suppose to run a long datapatch yesterday that will take more than 3 hours. We got everything ready but haven’t got any approval yet.

Yesterday’s datapatch was a major one. There are several important and long running datapatch on top of the one that I need to do. Had everything planned properly with my colleague. Our datapatch will be the last in queue. We got a 12 hour time frame for the datapatch. Informed the operator to kill our datapatch if it exceed the 12 hour time frame. So, everything was more or less settled…. except one thing.

No approval from director.

Basically, the director is very concern about yesterday’s datapatch. There was an error on the previous day datapatch which causes some problem to the system. Several users complaint to helpdesk and the issue was escalated all the way to the group CIO. So when the director knew that we are going to do that datapatch, he refuse to approve although we have everything covered.

No means no, even when we tried to explain that everything is covered. But our datapatch is also rather important. So we decided to request for a special datapatch during the weekend. He said ok and told us to do at Sunday morning. But there are some jobs running during Sunday morning which could cause error to the datapatch. So we explained to him and told him the risk. But he insist that Sunday morning is better. I suggested doing at Sunday evening where there is no other job running. He rejected, and told us to do on Sunday morning.

Explained to him a few times the number of risk involved when doing on Sunday morning. Also explain to him how safe is it to do on Sunday evening. He just insist that we do on Sunday Morning and not Sunday evening although he didn’t say exactly why we cannot do on Sunday evening.

In the end, the final conclusion is to do the datapatch on Saturday evening. WHICH is totally no different from Sunday evening. So why die die cannot Sunday evening?

My only conclusion is…. ego.

And so, 4 people stayed back until around 8pm on a Friday evening to re-arrange the whole datapatch to cater for this special Saturday evening datapatch. Actually, it is totally safe to run the datapatch yesterday night. We got everything covered. But the director is scare that something might go wrong and decide to take the safest route. After all, the CIO looking at the datapatch since the error that occur the day before.

One of the female colleague broke down and cried because she couldn’t take the unreasonable director anymore.

Looks like going to have another farewell lunch soon.

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