The grey area

The director from another dept wants a written report for the error that occur last Thursday.

What actually happened was someone run a poorly written SQL script which cause error in the job. My colleague also made a mistake by giving wrong instructions to the operator when the error occurs.

If my colleague had given the right instructions, then some of the errors could had been prevented. She has just taken over the task for 4 days. Can’t really blame her for making the error. But seriously, this is the first time such error occur. Think most people might make similar error.

I told my colleague not to report the mistake she has made. The whole problem was because someone wrote a problematic SQL script. If the person didn’t make that error, she wouldn’t had made an error too. Besides, even if she did everything correctly, there will still be error that night. Just that a correct action by her would had reduce the degree of the error.

It is a grey area. Is her error considered an error?

I think it is considered an error. But felt that it is not necessary to let the top know that she made an error. After all, the idea of the error report is to identify the person who cause the error. Since everyone know who wrote the problematic SQL script, I don’t think there is a need to add another person’s name to the list. Make no difference.

And strictly speaking, I feel that the DBA also made some error too. Well…. that is also another grey area.

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