Wrong timing

Have you ever been in a situation where the right person came into your life but you are not ready for a relationship?

Its a dilemma.

On one hand, you know you are not ready for a relationship.
On the other hand, you are scare that she might not be there anymore when you are ready.

How I wish she could had appear earlier or later.
The timing just isn’t right.


  1. Yeah, sometimes the timing and the right person should come along to make evything work out. Without either one, the r/ship would not be able to start in the 1st place.. It’s pretty unfair when came to think of it as it’s no one fault. Not to say..there isnt any feeling.. but it’s just fate. Sometimes, it’s just GOD way and it’s out of our control.. Just be very sure what you really want and go for it.. without regrets 🙂

  2. Why not give it a try? What is past is already a past which you can never turn it back. Well, if you don’t have the feeling for her then just talks thing out and be friend!

  3. it is easier to solve the problem of you “not ready for another relationship” than to find the right person… So grab her quickly before you really regret…

  4. hj: nope. Totally no relation. (fyi, that colleague is already married)

    Carol, Shan, theangel, imp, starz: Think will let it be natural ba. Thanks for the advice.

  5. haiyo, first you keep complaining that you got no girlfriends, then now got one whom you find suitable and yet you are complaining that you are not ready for a relationship..

    Eh, don be so grandma mama lah, just do it man!

    Just do it! Feel the umph! You will never know how its gonna turn out if you never tried. Just date first, serious relationships can come later mah…

    Dio boh?

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