Fly Aeroplane

Really pissed off today.

I was trying to sell an item on the internet lately. Recieved quite a number of bids, but most of them are ridiculously low.

Then I got a offer from someone who is near my idea selling price. So I told him that I’ll wait for 2 more days to see if there are any higher bids. He agreed and asked me to inform him if anyone outbids him.

Seems like he is a very keen buyer.

So after 2 days of waiting, still nobody matched his price. So I decided to close my deal with him. That is when I feel that I’m at a Airport.

Firstly, he ask if it is ok to deal at the end of the month when he got his pay. I was abit reluctant at first. But agreed to wait since his offer is the highest.

30 minutes later, he sms me telling me that he saw another similar item at ebay which is much cheaper. That similar item is actually a older model, that is why it is cheaper. He said that one is more affordable for him as he is still a student.

So I ask if he still wants me to wait for him to get his pay cheque, he said he don’t want to hinder my sales and want to back out.

In the first place, if you cannot afford the item, then why the hell do you still bid for it? Argh. Now that you won the auction, you come and give me all sort of crap excuses. Go and die lah. Now I have to start finding buyers all over again because you bid so high and scare away other buyers.

Argh…. Go fly your aeroplane elsewhere.


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