The odd one out

Our team just took over a project recently and is suppose to maintain the project by adding and amending the items when request comes in.

But the problem is, alot of things from this project is different from the usual way we do things in our team. Alot of extra steps were taken. Alot of conditions to follow. Now that we taken over the project, I was wondering if I should change the process so that it will become similar to what the rest of the team is doing or should I let it remain as it is.

I tried changing once part of the process today. But the requester told me that my way of doing is different from the way they did during the project phrase. I know, but those are additional steps that my team doesn’t do.

My colleague was asking me why I keep on wanting to change the process of that project. Why can’t I just follow the process.

I don’t know. Should I follow the existing process and let this project be the odd one out in my team?
Or should I try to change the steps so that the process look more similar to the things my team is doing?

Why am I bothering so much anyway?


  1. You can propose yr process and let others understand the benefit of it (quicker turnaround, easier implementation, etc) – but remember that things may not come yr way, as ppl always resist to changes…esp. in tis company…

  2. On the other hand, by proposing the change to be in sync with what other subteam are doing, I can also be viewed as resist to changes too.


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