Hello Beta

Still remember whenever we learn a new programming language, the first lab exercise will surely be “Hello World” program.

I’ve just converted to blogger beta. So I guess the first post should be “Hello Beta” posting.

Anyway, I was thinking about it last night. Maybe I’m encountering problem posting comment on beta site because blogger is pending my conversion to beta. So after reading the comments from Cobalt Paladin and The Imp, I decided to take the bold step to convert to blogger beta.

The came the first problem. It appears that the coding from my template can’t hide the header for blogger beta.

Help!! Somebody want to chop off my head!!!

Ok… I’ll think of a solution for this later. Either find the codes that disable the header or move my head lower.

Then came the next problem. I can’t load the comment page! And the strangest thing is, my friend could load the page. Then after a couple of tries, I managed to load my comment page. Only to discovered that the delete comment button is missing. -_-”’

Dear Spammer, please do not spam my blog until I discovered where did the delete button goes.

Updates 10 mins later: OK, Tried logging out then logging in again on the comment page and I finally managed to delete the comments.

Updates 15 mins later: Tried commenting on both blogger beta and old blogger blog. No issue.

Perhaps its some conspiracy theory by blogger to force everyone convert to beta asap. lol.


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