On course day 2

A delayed posting.

My 2nd day and last day on course was last friday. Like the first day, there wasn’t much things to learn. I guess all soft skill course are like this. Perhaps I should reject the next soft skill course if there is any. Technical skill course are much better. Still praying that my boss will send me to the SQL tuning course which I’ve been wantng to attend since last year.

I must say that the trainer is a very good motivational speaker. The reason why I didn’t fell asleep dispite not learning anything new is because he managed to lifen up the class. After all, he is some district governor of the toastmaster club. Apart from the communication & relationship management, he also shared with us some life skills and positive thinking.

At the end of the course, he gave everyone of us his namecard. At the back of the namecard, there is a picture that offers a secret message to success.

Can you see the hidden massage?

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