Call police when there is an earthquake

I still don’t understand what are those people thinking.

There was an earthquake at Indonesia. Some part of Singapore felt the tremble. Which is quite normal as we are rather close to Indonesia.

But what I cannot understand is, why did 15 people called the police when they felt the tremble? I mean…. what can the police do about the earthquake?

Resident: Alo, police ah, my house shaking
Police: Don’t panic Sir, there is an earthquake in Indonesia. You should be quite safe.
Resident: But shaking very badly leh. Can you go Indonesia arrest that joker that is shaking the place?
Police: Nobody is shaking the place. Its an earthquake.
Resident: OIC. Then can switch off the shaking or not? I trying to sleep.
Police: -_-”’

What if someone’s life is in danger and is trying to call the police for help. And here we have 15 Singaporeans who hog the police hotline when there is an earthquake.

For what?


  1. Hey, isnt it typical to call the police as long as anything unusual happened? Probably trying to stretch fully the tax dollars to keep them busy. hahah

  2. What if alot of people called the police because of the earthquake, and somewhere out there, another person is being robbed or something and trying to get the police for help?

    I think they should educate the public to stop calling the police when they feel tremble. After all, there is nothing the police can do about it.

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