Christmas Shopping part 2

5 more days to Christmas.

Went on another Christmas shopping today. A more productive one actually. I don’t know why but I always managed to find Christmas presents at Takashimaya. Got almost all the Christmas presents that I need….. except for one. Still cracking head and thinking what to get for that troublesome woman.

Another reason why I like to shop for Christmas present at Takashimaya is because they have a huge gift wrap counter during Christmas. As you all know, most guys score zero when comes to gift warpping. I know, it will look more sincere if you do the gift wrap yourself. But judging from my skill in wrapping gift, I guess it would look more sincere if I get some help rather than I do it myself.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies (and 2 amazing guys) working at the Takashimaya gift wrap counter.

I love gift wrap counters!!!


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