Pervert at AMK MRT

I saw a pervert at the AMK MRT male toilet.

While I was queuing for my turn, I notice this Indian guy at the urinal, acting suspiciously. Firstly, he is at the urinal for exceptional long time. Then he wasn’t really concentrating at his business. Instead, he keep looking left and right.

Luckily I get to use the urinal furthest away from him. When I’m done, he is still at the urinal. Finding it strange, I took my own sweet time washing my hands. When I’m done, he is still standing there. Either he is a pervert or his bladder have problem.

Since I’m waiting for my friend, I sat outside the toilet to see if he comes out or not. My friend arrives 10 minutes later. So I went into the toilet to ‘wash my hands’ and also check…….

That guy is still there! At the same spot. For the past 10 minutes!
Legs not tired 1 meh? Wah piang…. pervert leh.


  1. Probably he is dealing drugs and is waiting for customers? Or probably he is the customer waiting for the drug dealers?!

    OMG, you should have called the cops!!

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