Cut me some slack

Sometimes, those people at Mindef can really get on your nerves.

It was lunch time. Like all normal working adult, I went out for lunch during lunchtime. Going out for lunch means no pda/pen/paper/watsoever with me. I got an SMS from Mindef telling me to call this number to listen to a message. Knowing that its most likely going to be another ICT or amber manning date, I decided to call later when I’m back in office. After all, I need a paper or something to jot down the dates right?

Less than a minute later, my phone rang. Its the same number that I’m suppose to call to listen to the message. When I pick up the phone, a computerise system told me to key in my NRIC number so that I can listen to the message.

HELLO…. I got your SMS less than a minute ago. Can you cut some slack? If I’m free now, I would had called you after recieving your SMS. But I’m out for lunch. Where the freaking hell do I find something to jot down the info that you are giving me?

Perhaps those people at Mindef thinks that everyone carries a black notebook with rubberband in their pocket.

And its not some life and death issue. Nobody is invading Singapore anytime soon. Not even a single rifle is pointing towards our direction now. They just telling me my alert amber manning period. Which, in case you are wondering, is 2 freaking months away from now.

Si bei kiasu leh.

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