Going an extra mile

Christmas eve was very eventful. Got so many things to blog, but I’m just 1hr away from the Christmas dinner at my sis’s home. So I’ll just blog 1 event first, and leave the rest later.

Wanted to go pitstop cafe last night. Knowing that it would be extra crowded, we called to reserve a table for 5 of us.

We wanted a table at 9pm, but was told that the earliest is 10pm. Ok, we are fine with it. Then we were told that the table will be at the balcony as they are fully booked. I told her to try get us a table indoor and she said she will check and call us if she can find.

When we arrived at 10pm, we were told that there isn’t any table for us. They thought that we only wanted indoor seat and thus gave the balcony seat to another group, and tried to find a table indoor but failed since its christmas eve and the place is super crowded. We thought that we are confirmed a seat at balcony, but they are trying to find a seat indoor.

Miscommunication I guess.

Anyway, we hopped over to TCC where we were given the best seats ever… the corner seat. Its a very enclosed corner, and it feel as if its a private room. I managed to ‘swim’ on top of 2 beanbags!!

Then Tim from pitstop sms-ed me to apologise for the miscommunication and offer me a 10% discount and a membership card on our next visit. Cool! That is what I call a good customer service.

Then came the crazy idea.

The guys were suggesting how about we ask pitstop cafe if we could rent a boardgame from them to play at TCC. The waitress at TCC confirmed that we can play boardgame there. So we SMS Tim to check if they allows it. After some SMS exchanges, they agreed to lend us a boardgame!!

And instead of us going over to collect the game, Tim personally delivered the boardgame to us. Never have I seen such good customer service before. Wait, we are not even their customer to begin with! Wanted to pay them for the game rental, but they refuse.

So there we are, playing Ticket to Ride at TCC all the way till Christmas. Thanks to pitstop cafe. 🙂

OK, so when are we going pitstop cafe again?


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