Boxing Day

Still trying to figure why 26th Dec is call boxing day.
Is it because there is a boxing match?

Got quite a few Christmas present this year.

The first one is the $10 note from bottle.

Zhenzhen gave me a box of choclate from Royce.

Nice Chocolate. 🙂
She really knows all the good chocolate. Last Christmas, she gave me a box of Melty Kiss. This year Royce. I fell in love with them after eating. Oh ya hor, forgot, she used to work in at Max Blender.

OK, I cheated with Shanshan and Audrey this year. Instead of buying Christmas present, we choose the present we wanted.

Audrey got me the Dilbert Calendar

Think after 2 years of Baby blues calendar, its time to change. Starting to read Dilbert comic lately. I guess it would be nice reading Dilbert at office every morning.

Shanshan gave me a book.

“Why we want you to be rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. Don’t ask me why I choose this present. I just feel that it would be nice to read. Who knows, I might become rich after reading this. (Hahaha… wake up…)
OK lah, seriously, I enjoyed reading books by Donald Trump.

Shanice got me 2 shirt. 1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve.

The long sleeve shirt is not the usual shirt you’ll see me wearing. But anyway, its good to change my style. I’m sure its going to create a big hoo-ha when I wear to office.
The short sleeve is abit too tight. Either I go on a diet or change a larger size. Ok, I choose the easier way and go change a larger size one.

Thanks everyone for the presents! 🙂

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