Harddisk dying

Heard a familar sound when I turn on my PC today. Not the usual sound of the harddisk booting up. But the sound that most computer user fear.

The sound of the harddisk dying!! AAAAHHH!!!!

Help… The last time I backup my pictures is 2 weeks ago. All the pictures I took during Christmas are still inside!!!

Damn. I should had backup everything to my notebook. Or even get a portable harddisk to backup my harddisk every now and then.

Look like I’m going to be rather busy this weekend trying to install a new harddisk and installing everything from scratch. Hope I can still savage the data in the harddisk.


  1. that sux!!!!! oh dear.

    i’ve this habit of burning photos into cds every other time i upload. AND into an external harddisk. me and tech don’t match. so super afraid of something crashing.

  2. wat kind of sound is that eh?

    when my harddisk crash, it just CRASHED.
    no blardy warning one leh. i lose hundreds maybe thousands of pics lah. @#^%(*^&^$

  3. i think my computer crashed about a million times this year already.

    but, phew. it’s lucky my daddy have this programme that can retrieve files whenever the harddisk crash.

  4. sassyjan: sound of the harddisk reading lor.

    I can access my harddisk now. Managed to backup all my important documents and photos. 😀

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