The broken cable

The earthquake at Taiwan on boxing day damaged the underwater internet cable linking Asia to America. Internet connection to US sites range from slow to impossible. Wasn’t able to log into blogger last night. Finally managed to do so tonight. What a relief. I almost died of Blogger Withdrawal Syndrome (BWS).

Don’t you find the internet rather fragil? If I’m not wrong, there are only 3 major cables linking Asia to America. When 1 breaks down, the internet almost collapsed. Wondering what will happen if all 3 breaks down.

Hope the terrorist doesn’t find a way to bomb all the underwater cable. The damage will be far greater than bombing WTC.

BTW…. did you all notice that there are quite a lot of major earthquakes on 26 Dec?
Iran earthquake on 26 Dec 2003.
Indonesia earthquake on 26 Dec 2004.
And now Taiwan earthquake on 26 Dec 2006.

I think they should stop calling 26 Dec boxing day. Perhaps rename to shaking day or earthquake day.

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