Labels on classic template

One of the most interesting feature of blogger beta is the label function. As you can see, I’ve already began to use the labels.

But here the problem. I couldn’t list all the labels I have on the side bar.

Update (9/14): You can now enter labels for your blog with a classic template. The labels will appear under the post body, and searching for labeled content works the same as for a layouts blog. However, there is no tag for adding all your labels to your sidebar. To use the sidebar labels widget, you’ll have to switch to a Layouts template.

What this means is, you can create labels, but you cannot list all your labels UNLESS you convert to the new layout template. Converting to new layout template means that I have to redo my existing template. *HORROR*

What the heck is wrong with blogger? Why can’t they just create tags for listing the labels just like the way they do for archives? Why isn’t the classic template supported? Why must we be forced to change to the new layout to make full use of blogger beta’s features?

Or is there a way to add label listing to classic template but I don’t know?


  1. Feel your pain!

    Blogger has forgotten the classic templates and woe to those who want to be creative or FTP. LOL

    Hopefully Blogger will hear the classic users and allwo labels too.

  2. Is there any hope that Blogger will remember the Classic and adjust it so if we wanted counted (or non counted) labels too…we can have that to or will classic template lovers and those who use FTP be forced to move to WordPress..that is the “question”.

    It’s like Classic Templates have become Blogger’s stepchild…It’s there but forgotten..

    No templates, no options…ugh ugh.

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