New Year Resolutions 2007

I don’t usually make resolutions in the past. Well, perhaps its time I start 1.

1) Read more
This is a big challenge. I’m the type that doesn’t really like to read. I only read things that are on computers. It time I start reading more books and expand my knowledge.

2) Exercise more
I really need to keep fit. Its hard to imagine that I nearly got gold for my IPPT during NS times. I should exercise more in 2007 and keep fit. Shed a few KG too.

3) Save more money
I spend too much this year. And seriously, most of my money are being spend on good food. Those who knows me knows that I love good food. Its time I watch my spending and save more money.

4) Invest more
I’ve started putting some money into foreign currency fixed deposit in 2006. But strictly speaking, they are not really investments. More of higher interest savings. I think I should make my money work harder for me in 2007. Might be looking at REIT. Need to do more homework first. And wait for that stupid USD fixed deposit to mature.

5) Look out for opportunities
I know that I’m not in the place I want to stay forever. But I also don’t really know exactly where I want to go. 2007 will be the year I look out for new opportunity.


  1. Resolution #1 and #5 can go hand in hand. Read books that helps look out for opportunities ๐Ÿ™‚

    Resolution #3 goes with #4, make money, save money and invest more.

  2. Alright man, what are you waiting?? Go! Go! Go!

    All the best to your resolutions. If there is anything I can help, just contact me huh?

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