Went for teambuilding today at Jurong Bird Park.

Don’t know about others, but I feel that its a waste of time.

Its interesting to see how some people react in these teambuilding activities.

There was this activity where each group were given plastic balls to throw into the baskets. There are 3 baskets of different distance. The furthest one is 5000 points, the middle one is 3000 points and the closest one is 1000 points. Balls that missed the target can be retrieved and re-thrown within the 3 minutes of gameplay.

Everyone was saying the 5000 point basket is hard to reach. In actual fact, the distance between the 3000 point basket and the 5000 point basket is less than 50cm. If they can reach the 3000 point basket, why can’t they reach the 5000 point basket? Half the battle is already lost when you keep saying you can’t reach the 5000 point basket. Its all in the mind.

Went to HR to view my new contract terms. Didn’t had the intention to sign already. Was thinking its time to move on to other challenges.

But I was pissed off when I was shown the new contract. The bonus was the same as previous year. OK, still acceptable, although I was expecting higher bonus this year. But the increment was the 1 that made my blood boil. It the lowest increment I’ve ever received during my 4 years at the company.

It is not that my performance is getting worst. In fact, I’ve been handling more and more complex task. I strongly believe I should be getting a higher increment and bonus than last year.

Walked out of HR feeling insulted. After all that I’ve done, this is the kind of increment I get. Pissed off. Abit regretted for not tearing the contract infront of the HR manager today.

If the company is unappreciative of my contributions, then fine…. I’ll go elsewhere…..

I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t expect any help coming from my colleagues.

Was suppose to do some coding using jbuilder for the first time. My PC is a old model, with 1.6GHz processor and just 256mb RAM. Not really enough to run jbuilder. The program takes a long time to process every action I do.

Wanted to borrow my colleague’s PC when he was packing up and going home. His PC is alot faster than mine. But he refuse. I don’t know what secret emails or files he has in his PC. But seriously, I’m willing to swear using my blood that I’ll only use jbuilder on his PC and nothing else. I’ll do anything for a faster PC. But no.

Waiting for the admin to assign me a faster PC. In the meantime just bare with the lag.


There are 6 new PC that requries to be setup. I’m not on LAN Admin duty this month. But 1 of the LAN admin suggest that all 3 of us should do together so that each of us only need to setup 2 PC. I email them saying I’m busy and will join them later.

But I forgotten about it as I was busy. So instead of helping me to setup the 2 PC, they leave it one corner and drop me an email to remind me. How sweet.

It isn’t even my duty this month to begin with!


DK ah DK…… Don’t expect any help from anyone. You are on your own. Argh