I just don't like it

I just don’t like it when people start going around telling others what happen recently.

It is about me. I should be the one spreading the news to my friends. How would you feel if your friends come to you and prode more about the news when you are wondering how in the first place he heard the new from? How would you feel if you are not ready to tell everyone the news yet and all of a sudden, everyone knows about it already?

If you need to spread the news on my behalf, the least you can do is ask me if it is alright or not first. Sometimes, there are things that are too early to announce.


  1. If you are referring to the recent incident of our mutual friend telling me about what happened to you, then let me say this just to be fair to him.

    First, you did not mention to him that you would like to keep it under wraps. So he was not wrong cos you did not forewarn him. So pls do not pin the fault on him totally.

    Second, I only wanted to congrat you. If you really think its a big deal to not let me know then its alright, its not a big deal anyway.

  2. Then tell him BEFORE, not AFTER that. How is he gonna know if you did not forewarn him and then after the whole issue, you now complain that you don like it.

    How would you feel if you were him?

  3. I already said I don’t want to argue about it anymore. Its already said and done. Its over. No use arguing about it anymore.

    I’m just registering my unhappiness, that is all.

  4. You said you don’t want to argue about it? How come I did not see it? And if its done, how come you want to put it in a public domain in full view of anyone reading your blog here? Since you obviously want to let everyone know your unhappiness, then i am also registering my unhappiness with the unfair way our mutual friend was treated.

    I am not arguing with you too by the way.

  5. ok, u have registered ur unhappiness, I’ve registered my unhappiness. Can we move on now?

    Or is there anyone else who wanna come in and register their unhappiness?

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