Wireless silence

In search of wireless@sg….

Where got again?

Appearantly, there seems to be a delay in the wireless@sg rollout. Places like Ang Mo Kio are suppose to be wireless@sg ready by 1 Jan 2007. But they aren’t. IDA website has also removed the PDF map detailing the wireless@sg coverage. All we can find now is the list of location that were wireless@sg launch on 1 Dec 2006. These are actually existing wireless hotspot by Singnet, Qmax and iCell, but renamed to wireless@sg on 1 Dec to claim that we launched it 1 month ahead of schedule.

What is happening? Where are the big ones?

There is no announcement. Or did I miss the announcement? Or was it not suppose to be ready by 1 Jan 2007?

Why was there a fanfare when they managed to launch part of the wireless@sg on 1 Dec and yet it is so quiet when they miss the 1 Jan date?

I mean, I don’t mind if its not ready, but the least they can do is announce that there is a delay.


  1. Why not? Are we afraid to admit our mistakes?

    You’ll never learn from your mistakes unless you admit it in the first place.

  2. theoretically yes.

    but in reality, tough practice.

    i’ve noticed that organizations really come forth with that till there’s a catalyst.

  3. True.

    Actually, I’m always impressed with those large Japanese company. When they made a mistake, the CEO and Directors will hold a press conference and they will bow 90degree to apologise for their mistake.

    That is something we all should learn.

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