Still that piece of paper

A colleague of mine was offered a 3 month contract renewal as her contract is ending in early Feb. She decline straight away. Usually, the company will give 1 year contract. The reason why she is offered 3 month contract is because our team does not have the headcount to keep her. Yet we need her to be around to help cover some stuff and maybe do a handover.

I wouldn’t take it too if I’m her.

The thing is, another colleague had resigned recently and our teamlead is intending to hire a new staff to replace that position. It is a Senior Officer (SO) position. SO position requires at least a degree. No experience is required. Fresh grads can also apply. But the colleague who was offered the 3 month contract is a diploma holder, holding a Junior Officer (JO) position.

The problem is, there isn’t really much difference between a JO and a SO’s task in our team. Basically, JO and SO do almost the same stuff, but JO get lesser pay. The only thin that is holding her back from that vacancy is that piece of paper.

Sound crappy. It has once again proof that skill and experience is of no value in this company, and perhaps in many other places too. Everyone is looking at that piece of paper. She is capable of holding a SO position. Her performances in the past is the best proof. Her experience in the product is valuable.

Who would you choose if you are the boss? A diploma worker with experience in the company, or a degree fresh grad?

Why should the position of a person be bound by the qualifications? Why can’t high performing JO be promoted to SO even if they don’t have a degree? Is experience and performance worth less than a piece of paper?


  1. Okay not to be totally self-centered, but I’m considering a job/career change. Any chance I can find out more about that SO position?

  2. I suppose that is always the debate of whether experience or degree is more important in reality. However, in the internet, everyone starts to play at the same level.Anyway, dont be too upset by your colleague cos she might actually find a better job, with her experience eventually.

  3. Jasmine: I heard my teamlead went to talk to the director to see if there is anyway to give her a 12 month contract.

    Hope the best for her.

  4. I suppose in many time, those who is in a higher graduate position don’t really work as good as those with lower graduation~

    I guess maybe because of experience wise.

  5. I go for those that can get the job done and not done by the papers that they have.

    Those degree papers are only as good as it is bringing the person into the interview room only. That’s all.

  6. Paddy: I also believe that the paper can only goes as far as the interview room.

    But then, appearantly, not every company thinks this way. Well, at least not my company.

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