The missing 2 cent

Spend several hours investigating why the results from the system is 2 cent more than the expected results. We know its not an error, its just different approach of calculating and rounding that causes the difference in 2 cent. But we need to find out exactly where the difference in rounding is and explain to customer.

And I still couldn’t find the results. It is rather hard to simulate the whole calculation process. Too many numbers and too complicated. It would be easier to just deduct 2 cent from my salary to pay back to customer. No, deduct $1 from my salary and save me the trouble.

It is no long cost effective judging by the effort spend by me investigating this 2 cent issue. My monthly salary, if divided to derive my hourly pay is many many times higher this that 2 cent. It is just not cost effective to do so.

But I still need to find out why the difference of 2 cent and let customer know. Its not the money, but the accountability of the system. We must proof to the customer that its not a bug but just different way of calculation that causes the difference of 2 cent.

Its the creditability of the system. And that is worth more than a million dollar.


  1. I’ve had such experience before in one of my temporary job during the school holidays when I was still an undergraduate.

    Gosh. I’d rather the discrepancy was $2 million and not 2 cents! The smaller the amount, the bigger the headache and the longer the time needed to investigate.

    I can really imagine how painful you must be now, DK.

    Hang on there pal. Good Luck! 🙂

  2. woh sounds tedious. anyway not sure about the details but sit down and step back first. It usually helps for me. maybe draw diagrams of the processes first. using banker’s round up might be another possibilty.

    all in all the answer usually comes when you are not so ‘into’ the problem. all the best.

  3. Anon: Thanks for the advice. I’m taking a break this weekend. Will attack the problem again on Monday.

    Getting another colleague to help out. 🙂

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