Year end problem

The long weekend causes some problems with banking.

A cheque that I deposited last friday was only cleared today.
A internet fund transfer from POSB to UOB made on friday is still pending. (Remind myself to check again few days later)
A credit card payment made on AXS wasn’t reflected on the credit card’s internet banking site. Called citibank and was informed that there was a delay from AXS.

I should avoid banking activities on the eve of long weekends and holidays.

Luckily, I wasn’t charged twice when using AXS.

Some UOB customers charged twice for NETS transactions due to technical glitch

SINGAPORE : It was a bad start to the new year for some UOB customers, who discovered they had been charged twice, when they used their bank cards for a NETS transaction, on New Year’s Eve.

The problem was later traced to a technical glitch in the bank’s system.

For Jason Chua, the New Year was hardly a happy one.

He had used an AXS machine to pay a S$4,000 bill to UOB, using the bank’s ATM card, only to discover on Thursday that he had been charged double the amount.

He said, “Of course it’s affected me quite a lot. Yesterday I was out having dinner with my friends and I tried making payment through NETS but it was declined. At first I thought it was a machine problem, so this morning I tried to make a top-up through ATM for my EZ-Link card, but the transaction again didn’t go through.”

The payments, split into two over December 30 and 31, were reflected on his bank statement as transactions made on January 3.

And his was not the only case.

NETS and AXS received at least nine calls from affected customers on Thursday, who reported similar problems when they used their UOB cards on New Year’s Eve.

In response, UOB admited that there had been a technical error which occurred during batch processing operations on Thursday morning.

As a result, some customers’ transactions made on December 31 were affected.

UOB has apologised to these customers, and has taken the necessary steps to correct their transactions. – CNA/ms

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