Meet up?

I don’t really know him from poly. He is my friend’s friend. We seldom talk, although I’ve help him once during the assignments. Haven’t seen him since we grad from poly.

Got a SMS greeting on new year day from him. Quite surprised that he has my handphone number. I don’t remember giving him my number. Even if I did, it would be 7 years ago. He kept the number for 7 years and decided to SMS me? Wow.

Then yesterday, he SMS me and ask if want to meet up.

hmmmm….. Let me guess. Either he is a insurance agent or in some MLM now.

Nah… no thanks.


  1. Yeah, sometimes pretty annoying.. hmm, just wondering.. what if its a girl? will you consider? haha.. nextime, when i ask you out, u said no, then i know whats the reason oredi.. 😀

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