Ang pow to buy shoes

Sis is getting married in 2 weeks time. According to my future bro-in-law’s dialect group tradition, they are supposed to buy a pair of new shoes for me. Hmmmmm…..

But its actually abit troublesome. So to simplify things, they gave me an Ang Pow instead. So I’m suppose to use that money to buy myself a new pair of shoes.

But hor…. they never check market rate leh. Only enough money to buy 1 shoe…. Haiz. I guess I got to top up the rest.


  1. Angel: Yeap yeap. 😀 I’m just kidding when I say they never check market rates.

    Anon1: Cannot change leh. They place ‘deposit’ liao. hahaha

    Anon2: Not so soon leh.

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