Back to pre-email era

The email server was down for almost the whole of today.

I’m not sure about other companies, but our company relies heavily on emails. Boss shoot arrows assign job thru emails. System send emails when requester raise request. System send email when server encounter errors. User send emails when they have queries. etc etc etc…..

The good thing about emails is, everything is in black and white. Have you ever tried digging a 2 year old email to defend yourself when an error occurs? I did once. Hahaha….

Anyway, everyone relies so much on email that the company almost went to a halt when the email server was down. Alot of things cannot be done. Its like living in the pre-email era. I still can’t quite visualise how people work in the past before email was invented. Its quite scary.

Need to send a word document to a colleague urgently. Her office is at level 2 while mine is at level 6. So I copied the file to my thumb drive and when over her office. Imagine doing this more than once.

I was about to resort to using snail mail when the tech support finally fix the email server.

Next time, we should keep a few pigeon in our office.


The tech support guys also quite clever.

They emailed everyone to inform us that the mail server is down due to a hardware fault.

Thanks for the info dude. If I only I can read that email when the email server is down.


  1. WLE! tell me at it… i kena twice in 6 mths period. Everything is froze. I have call and fax every mother son and daughter….

    thanks to technology!

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