Facing auditor alone

Satan Auditor came as planned yesterday. Instead of meeting him together with my teamlead, I was thrown to face him alone. My teamlead has another last minute urgent meeting to attend.

WTF. This is an internal audit and my teamlead actually ask me to go alone? All the other teams would send their teamlead to meet the auditors. My team is the only team in our department where the teamlead don’t attend the auditor meeting. And to make it harder for other team to break this record, we send a Contract Junior Officer to the meeting. Try beating that record.

And so, I went into the meeting room with tons of documents and a laptop.

I did what I could to answer every question that the auditor asked. For those management stuff, I asked him to email my teamlead. Actually, there isn’t much questions that I can’t answer. After all, this is the 3rd audit I’ve been to. I knew more or less what they look out for. Just that I’m not familar with where the reports are being stored. So it took a little while longer to retrieve it.

The thing is…. I just don’t like the idea of being thrown to do this. I’m not the teamlead or even a sub teamlead to begin with. If my pay is higher, I won’t mind doing it. I strongly feel that the amount of responsibilities I have has far exceed what I’m being paid.

49 days left to end of contract. 7 weeks.
Perhaps I should find a job where the pay fits the roles I’m doing.

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