Car Accident

A SBS double deck bus kiss my backside.

Then I ganna forced to kiss someone backside.

And he also ganna push to kiss someone else backside.

In short, 3 car and 1 bus in 1 accident. The bus behind me didn’t stop in time, collide with my car. Then the impact push my car and hit the car infront, which hit the other car infront.

The impact is huge. I remember myself being push forward then pulled backward by the seatbelt. My back of my head hit the chair. Ouch. The bluetooth earpiece that I wore flew away from my ear and landed below my seat. It took me a few seconds for me to realise that I was being hit by a double deck bus.

I remember seeing the passenger of the bus taking picture of my car. I wonder if I would appear on stomp or not.

Its a big mess. None of the drivers has any experience on what to do. One of the car is a Malaysian car. The passenger is injured and need to go hospital.

Luckily, a traffic police happen to pass by and sort of restore some order. I called my dad to ask him get a tow truck for me. He informed my Sis and brother in law who is nearby. So they came down to see if there is anything to help.

So the police did the measurements and told us to lodge a police report. Its rather troublesome actually. In the end, I’m 1 hr late and my car is send to the workshop.

This is actually not the usual route that I take. I was trying out this new route to see if I can reach my destination faster.

Conclusion is…. No. This new route is alot slower. In fact, 1 hour slower.


  1. Erm, if no one get hurt in the accident. You make police report oso no use. The police wun entertain you.

    Just need to go down to some place like vicom i think, to get your damage access. Then send your car recommended car repair shop can liao.

  2. Jerl/Carol: I’m fine. Just that having a stiff neck now. Wondering if it is due to the accident or the exercise yesterday morning or I didn’t sleep properly last night.

    Anon1: Nope, I didn’t sudden brake.

    Anon2: I’m not elite lor.

  3. If u feel unwell these few days, must see doc liao. Sometimes impact from accidents come in days later.
    have a good rest tonite dude…
    Luckily u are alright. 🙂


  4. Oh, sorry to hear that you meet with an accident, but anyway I’m still glad at least you are still alive posting the entry and manage it with some photo of the scene~

  5. Hey man, just surf in to your blog. Hope everything is okay now, man.

    Need me to bring you to some nice places to see beautiful girls walking around during lunch time to ease that stiff neck? Hee .. hee..

    Glad that you are alright.

    paddy & izel

  6. Hey, just saw your entry, you feeling better now?

    If you need any tow truck or workshop or help in sorting out your insurance problem or repair problems, just call me, I have lots of contacts for car issues…

    hope you are fine now..

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