Just received the polo tee that we are supposed to wear for the teambuilding at the end of the month.

1 word. Super ugly. Oops…. that was 2 words.

We can safely conclude that the person who choose this colour is a uncle. Wah piang. The colour very uncle lor. The initial colour was white with some red on the shoulder. Look something like England football team jersey. But heard that got people complaint that it look ugly.

So here we have…. a even more ugly shirt to wear for teambuilding.

Don’t understand why they choose this colour. Its not our corporate colour lor.

Boss…. Can I don’t wear this? PLEASEEEEeeeee….

Maybe I’ll wear my own T-shirt and change to this ugly shirt when I reach the place. Then when I’m leaving, change back to my own T-shirt again. I would rather die than be seen by friends wearing that polo tee.


  1. haha.. indeed an ugly colour… even my dad dont hv such a colour T-shirt.. :p ..

    so, how’s ur stiff neck? better oredi?

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